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Robin Hood Army

Robin Hood Army started June 2014 from Delhi with mission to provide restaurants surplus food to less fortunate people of our society. Now they are in more then 15 cities in India as well as few cities in Pakistan. This activity they do every Sunday with aim to make it daily affairs.

Distribution of foods help our citizen fight Hunger and malnutrition which are in fact the number one risk to health worldwide even greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. (As per world food programme organisation)

Why restaurants surplus food ?

  • Every year india loss Rs 58000 crore in food wastages.
  • Food wastage comprises 2-3% of the sales of most restaurants.
  • More then 30000 restaurants in the tier 1 cities of india feed there surplus food to garbage dump.
Robin Hood Army delhi got foods from restaurants like sanjha chulha , kebab xpress, midnight munchies , au bon pain.

Restaurants with charity they get thanks  on Robin Hood army social media platform which is been growing thick and fast.
Robin Hood Army media coverage
Requested to the restaurants of kolkata to help Robin Hood army in this Nobel cause with there surplus foods.

Reliance jio 4G wifi launched in Kolkata

On 5th February evening we tried to use Reliance Jio 4G Wifi on Park street. We found Reliance Jio 4G Wifi  Network available at elliot road and rafi ahmed kidwai road. We selected the network to use it then it got connected and on mobile web browser page opened asking for mobile number for registration after putting mobile we received SMS with 6 digit number password to use as login password which we use on same browser and after that we got connected with Reliance Jio Free 4G Wifi Network for use. We opened Youtube app on our mobile to see the speed and we were quite happy to see the speed of the network as HD video played without any buffering . Screen shot of the process are given below.
Reliance Jio 4G Wifi Network in Kolkata

Reliance Jio 4G Wifi Login Page

Youtube video with Reliance 4G Wifi

Kolkata Map

Kolkata City Map
Kolkata City Map gives you view of whole city with details of Places, Railway Stations, Railway Lines, Roads and Lakes.You can search Kolkata Road Map with below form.

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India Bandh for FDI

Today we have witnessed India Bandh for FDI

I am bit confused and like to clear some points if some one can do so.

1. If i am not wrong Investor will bring only money not infrastructure.So they will invest on that , plus i am not wrong we don't have such kind of space in the middle of any city in India to build such kind of mall or supermarket. so its mean they have to build there mall or supermarket outside the city which wont easy to access for the people who belongs to the lower middle class or even middle class.they are quiet a good amount population in India who earns to daily basic who wont be able to travel to purchased from these malls or supermarket.

2. Walmart will go farm to farm to buy farms crop or they would be some one to do so. I dont think Walmart or other supermarket will travel farm to farm  to get the product. Either they will keep some one or they will get the product from the place all farms goes to sell there product.

I guess we all are consumer even the person who is saying will loose there business so i think we all will be benefited.

If i m wrong or any point which you feel is not correct write to us at

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders will play 2 Qualifier matches of Champions League Twenty20 without Captain Gautam Gambhir.

1st Match on 19th September Monday 2000 IST against Auckland at Hyderabad
2nd Match on 21st September Wednesday 2000 IST against Somerset at Hyderabad

We don’t think it will much difference on the performance of Kolkata Knight Riders as we have the player who can take his place. Only we can pray that Kolkata Knight Rider think tank choose the right combination as time to time we have felt that have choose wrong combination.

All we can say lets hope for the best…Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Ree at least this time