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Dear Friends

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of our website . It's a website about our beloved Kolkata City.
We have covered section like Hotels, Amusement, Museums, Jokes competition, Consulates, Airlines, Shopping Malls, Retail Shops, Foods, Historic Places, Jobs with couple of offers for our visitors.

We invite you to visit our site now to learn more about our website.

We have great offer for you

Forward this email to 5 people with cc to: to Qualify for our Forward mail Luck Draw contest.

1 Luck winner will get Gift Voucher of Pantaloon worth Rs.1000/- (One Thousand Only) With 1 Year Validity
Next 50 Luck winners will get T-shirt
Next 100 Luck winners Caps

So, hurry up this offer is valid till 31st September. Please don't send the mail to your sender. You can participate multiple times by sending mails to different 5 people every time.

Other offers:

• Joke Competition
• Exciting Offers for Cyber Cafe Owner
• Referrer Program
• 50 T-Shirts for Adding Email

You must add your mail in our data base to get next email offer.
For details check our offer section in our website.

With Warm Regards,
Add your mail in our data base then you will get message in your mail to forward to 5 People with cc to so hurry up add your mail today in our data base

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