Eating out at Arsalan Resturant

Yesterday evening we went to Arsalan Restaurant while coming back from shopping around 7 pm India Time.We went to Mezzanine floor and took the corner seat and they was not much crowd only 3 more table was booked as 7 PM is a odd  time it neither falls in Lunch nor in Dinner.After taking our seat one guy came to us with some kind of paper which he  put on the table and on that we saw that some thing was written about Lucknow and Arsalan which  will share with out at the end.I asked him what is it he said it about Lucknow foods and culture so what is the connection he said Arsalan is connected with Lucknow culture.

Then we decided to order our food  and while waiting for the food we have noticed lighting in the restaurant is little dim as it should little more brighter not much but little more.After wiating fgor around 15 minutes we got our foods and we have enjoyed the foods as normally foods in Arsalan is quite good.

All we can say is Arsalan has best food to offer in Mugalai dish

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