Kolkata Fire Stephen Court building Park Street

On Tuesday afternoon around 2.15 Pm at 6 & 7th floor of Stephen Court building of Park street fire broke out which took the life of 24 people approximately and several injured.Stephen court Building is 150 Years old building which is built by British.Its quite a large building , it has lost stores like Flury's a large Confectionery shop which was built in 1927, Music World , Jet Airway City Office, Pet Cat a famous resturant and few more restuarnt and offices are there.

Fire Brigade was called immediately which took 30 minutes to arrive in the spot as per the news but Fire Brigade head Quarter is just 15 minutes walking distance from the spot.
Because of Fire 6th floor's ceiling is collapsed and now 6th & 7th floor is sharing same ceiling and floor.
As per News approximately 24 people died in this accident and around 5/6 people from 24 people is died because of jumping from the Building.

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