Restaurants of Kolkata

If you want to sample Bengali cuisine there is no better place to do it than top taste the food of Restaurants in Kolkata they are known for the culinary prowess and because of colonial influence they have also experience in international cuisine. Kolkata Restaurants are ranked in the best in while India from the time that even the Indians were yet to develop the culture of dining out.
The best restaurants in Kolkata are found on Hooghly River on the eastern Bank. Street foods are also the specialty for the city and they offer affordable and refreshingly option within a walking distance unlike most of the major hotel in town. When you go on the street for food, you have to begin by looking for the stall with long queue since it means that they have good food. If the stall has a queue then it means that they prepare more food and their food is always fresh than others. It also shows that the stall has better hygiene.
The favorite dish that you will find with street is the Kathi Kebab which is the specialty of Kolkata. It is a roll of flat chapatti or bread and it can be stuffed by Indian cheese, mutton, egg, or chicken.  A special spicy and delicious sauce known as Chaat Masala top it up. This is a food which is popular with local and it has become to show an authentic cultural experience.
Another important food found in Kolkata restaurant is the seafood gotten from the Bay of Bangal. The  macher Jhol (fish curry) is available in all local restaurant and all dinning establishments. Steamed hilsa fish is also one of excellent food in the area and are normally marinated with mustard spice and it is served with rice. Dessert and sweets are also one of the Kolkata trademark. Sweet yoghurt (Misti Doi) is one of the best and very popular dessert of Kolkata.   They are normally incorporated in local made cheese. The cheese balls are dipped in sweet syrup served together with sweetened milk or deep fried pantua. People who like Indian cuisine will find something good always with Kolkata cooking.
Whenever you go to Kolkata, you will be able to enjoy delicious and authentic Bengali cuisine. Here are the best restaurants that you should never miss out when you go to Kolkata

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