India Bandh for FDI

Today we have witnessed India Bandh for FDI

I am bit confused and like to clear some points if some one can do so.

1. If i am not wrong Investor will bring only money not infrastructure.So they will invest on that , plus i am not wrong we don't have such kind of space in the middle of any city in India to build such kind of mall or supermarket. so its mean they have to build there mall or supermarket outside the city which wont easy to access for the people who belongs to the lower middle class or even middle class.they are quiet a good amount population in India who earns to daily basic who wont be able to travel to purchased from these malls or supermarket.

2. Walmart will go farm to farm to buy farms crop or they would be some one to do so. I dont think Walmart or other supermarket will travel farm to farm  to get the product. Either they will keep some one or they will get the product from the place all farms goes to sell there product.

I guess we all are consumer even the person who is saying will loose there business so i think we all will be benefited.

If i m wrong or any point which you feel is not correct write to us at

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