Robin Hood Army

Robin Hood Army started June 2014 from Delhi with mission to provide restaurants surplus food to less fortunate people of our society. Now they are in more then 15 cities in India as well as few cities in Pakistan. This activity they do every Sunday with aim to make it daily affairs.

Distribution of foods help our citizen fight Hunger and malnutrition which are in fact the number one risk to health worldwide even greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. (As per world food programme organisation)

Why restaurants surplus food ?

  • Every year india loss Rs 58000 crore in food wastages.
  • Food wastage comprises 2-3% of the sales of most restaurants.
  • More then 30000 restaurants in the tier 1 cities of india feed there surplus food to garbage dump.
Robin Hood Army delhi got foods from restaurants like sanjha chulha , kebab xpress, midnight munchies , au bon pain.

Restaurants with charity they get thanks  on Robin Hood army social media platform which is been growing thick and fast.
Robin Hood Army media coverage
Requested to the restaurants of kolkata to help Robin Hood army in this Nobel cause with there surplus foods.